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What are the differences between netcdf format in Matlab versions 2011a and 2012a?

Asked by Rich
on 21 Nov 2012


I am writing netcdf files using he nccreate and ncwrite calls. I have noticed that 'identical' netcdf files (containing one 2 dimensional variable) written with Matlab versions 2011a and 2012a differ. The 2012a netcdf file was almost twice as large. Furthermore, only the 2011a version was readable by a colleague using their netcdf reader (sorry, I don't know the version of the netcdf library that they are using).

I cannot find any specification in the Matlab documentation of the netcdf library used in 2011a or 2012a. Can anyone provide information about possible differences between the two versions?




per isakson
on 21 Nov 2012

Did you try to inspect the files with ncdisp?

Ashish Uthama
on 4 Jan 2013

Use netcdf.inqLibVers on both versions.



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