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how to create image from text file data.?

Asked by Lalit Patil on 22 Nov 2012

This is the text file i have generated.. I want to create image from it.. It will be binary image..



fileID = fopen('patil142.txt');

C = textscan(fileID, '%f32 %f32');






I am able to read it only but don't know how to create image..?


Lalit Patil on 22 Nov 2012

I want 1:480 rows and 1:720 columns.. every row and column changes at 1 pixel as given in text file.. 0.5 pixels will be taken as round(0.5) = 1

Walter Roberson
on 22 Nov 2012

The text file you linked to has x running 1 to 480, but y in the range 333 to 340, and has no 0's in it. If you are hitting 0 then either there is a problem in the reading or you are reading different data than you linked to.

Lalit Patil on 22 Nov 2012

sorry, i forget to upload new text file that contains 0's at somewhere..

scatter(x,y) shows plot and i want image. and the second column contains pixel intensities, so, 0 means nothing will be showed in image..

only positive integer values will be shown in image..

1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 22 Nov 2012
 Accepted answer

Try this:

maxRows = max(y);
maxCols = max(x);
binaryImage = false(maxRows, maxCols);
for k = 1 : length(x)
  row = int32(y);
  col = int32(x);
  binaryImage(row, col) = true;


Walter Roberson
on 22 Nov 2012

What do you want to have happen where there are zeros? Put something in the left margin?

binaryImage = logical(accumarray( fix([x(:), 1+y(:)]), 1, [480 720]) );

or skip that row?

nz = y ~= 0;
x = x(nz);
y = y(nz);
binaryImage = logical(accumarray( ceil([x(:), y(:)]), 1, [480 720]) );
Lalit Patil on 22 Nov 2012

Yes this is the thing which i want.. Now the problem get solved...

Walter Roberson
on 22 Nov 2012

Which version? The one that skipped those rows?

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