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.. Vamshi

How can I reduce the time complexity of this matlab code.. Its taking lot of time to execute when an image is fed as input.

Asked by .. Vamshi
on 23 Nov 2012
    cnt1=0; cnt2=0; cnt3=0; cnt4=0; cnt5=0; cnt6=0; cnt7=0; cnt8=0;
    p = 1;
    row = 1;
    while p<(size(Theta_deg_img,1))
        q = 1;   
        while q<(size(Theta_deg_img,2))
            for i=p:p+8             
                for j=q:q+8                                                 
                    if Theta_deg_img(i,j)>=-180 && Theta_deg_img(i,j)<=-135                    
                        cnt1 = cnt1+1;                
                    elseif Theta_deg_img(i,j)>=-134 && Theta_deg_img(i,j)<=-90                   
                        cnt2 = cnt2 + 1;                                    
                    elseif Theta_deg_img(i,j)>=-89 && Theta_deg_img(i,j)<=-45                    
                        cnt3 = cnt3 + 1;                
                    elseif Theta_deg_img(i,j)>=-44 && Theta_deg_img(i,j)<=0                    
                        cnt4 = cnt4 + 1;                
                    elseif Theta_deg_img(i,j)>=1 && Theta_deg_img(i,j)<=45                    
                        cnt5 = cnt5 + 1;                
                    elseif Theta_deg_img(i,j)>=46 && Theta_deg_img(i,j)<=90                   
                        cnt6 = cnt6 + 1;                
                    elseif Theta_deg_img(i,j)>=91 && Theta_deg_img(i,j)<=135                 
                        cnt7 = cnt7 + 1;                                
                        cnt8 = cnt8 + 1;
                    eval([fsrc '(row,1) = cnt1;']);
                    eval([fsrc '(row,2) = cnt2;']);
                    eval([fsrc '(row,3) = cnt3;']);
                    eval([fsrc '(row,4) = cnt4;']);
                    eval([fsrc '(row,5) = cnt5;']);
                    eval([fsrc '(row,6) = cnt6;']);
                    eval([fsrc '(row,7) = cnt7;']);
                    eval([fsrc '(row,8) = cnt8;']);                                     
            q = q + 9;  row = row+1;        
            cnt1=0; cnt2=0; cnt3=0; cnt4=0; cnt5=0; cnt6=0; cnt7=0; cnt8=0;                    
        p = p + 9;        




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2 Answers

Answer by Harshit
on 23 Nov 2012
 Accepted answer

Vectorize your code. Example you don't need inner loops you can use sum to get the value of counts. In the outer two loops you are calculating size again and again. Store it in a variable.


mmm... I want here to increment the count every time when the condition is met. Does the above piece of code satisfy my requirement?

on 26 Nov 2012

Yes it will just think about it. Whenver the condn is true 1 will be generated in the matrix and otherwise 0. sum will give the no of 1.

I followed your suggestion.. the counts have to be stored for every iteration.. but here am unable to do..

Answer by Akiva Gordon
on 23 Nov 2012

  1 Comment

Thank you A G. I think eval is fine here for concatenations, isn't it?

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