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Will the white portions(edges) found after canny edge detection be binary value 1? Or on what basis the value of each pixel of edge detected image be 1 or 0 ?

Asked by saleem peediakal on 23 Nov 2012

I have done the edge detection using canny edge detector. Then i need to plot each edges in the image. So when do it , the plotting is not done accurately , that is its plotting on the regions where no white indications or edges... thanks in advance.....


saleem peediakal

1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst on 23 Nov 2012



to find out the class of the output image. The help says "BW = edge(I) takes a grayscale or a binary image I as its input, and returns a binary image BW of the same size as I, with 1's where the function finds edges in I and 0's elsewhere." so I expect it to be an image of class " logical."


Image Analyst

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