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How to make the vehicle mass variable?

Asked by Evrim

Evrim (view profile)

on 23 Nov 2012

I was an occasional user of SimDriveline (Generation 1) and now I try to build a new model from the beginning (on the new version (Generation 2) by understanding all the components and relations in between.

My question is about modeling a working machine (handling equipment) and here the container weight is also included in our driving cycles. So, the vehicle mass is not constant as in the "vehicle body" block. I might add a "mass" to the translational mechanical port of the vehicle body (H) but I couldn't figure out to make it conditional (as the var_load=1, then add the load mass). One way can be engaging the mass by using a friction clutch, but then it should be interpreted as inertia.

I tried to explain in a specific case, but the case can be extended to different applications. Are there any other ideas regarding my question. Thanks in advance.




Evrim (view profile)

0 Answers

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