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Richard Sims

how do you plot a 2D scatter with colour defined by 3rd variable in given limits?

Asked by Richard Sims
on 23 Nov 2012

I am happy plotting 2d scatters but i want to colour in my 2 variables (temperature and fugacityco2) according to the day of the year (julian day). I found that if the 3rd variable is the same length as the x and y variables it will plot it over the given color range given, which has worked. BUT i want to be able to set it so that for different periods eg days 0-50 it is red 'r', 50-100,blue etc etc. help would be GREATLY appreciated thanks!

My code is below

% scatter of points figure (5);



axis([-2.3 -1.75 100 1000]);





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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 23 Nov 2012

Why don't you just pass in the colors as the 4th argument to scatter()?


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