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What would you add to my Matlab cheat sheet ?

Asked by DoVile Last Name: on 23 Nov 2012

I am an econ/math masters student, but any suggestions are welcome

I would prefer keeping the sheet on 1 page though.

  • What codes are missing
  • Can layout be improved
  • I am not sure how i can put the switch command in the sheet elegantly

Cheat sheet:

Thanks :)


plotting has many things missing, why not use help.

x(:) always produces a column.

Check for a typo on "beep"

concatenation using [a,b] [a;b]? sort of covered by "column vector defined"

get(), set() on handles?

logical addressing is faster than find &c.?

A.' is transpose

A' is hermitian transpose

^D only requires to be positioned on the word

isa()? class()?

{{}} syntax for initialisers?


0 Answers

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