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Kaczmarz - Ansorge implementation method

Asked by Cristian
on 23 Nov 2012

Hi there, I have to implement the Kaczmarz-Ansorge program, but they way I make it, I am sure that it is the same as original Kaczmarz.


- we take a random value between 1 and M ( this is ik )

- then we make the program on only 1 projection, that random value.


Here is what I made, am I on the right path ?

%%%%% Pas 2 Algoritm - K-A %%%%%
% for ik = 1:M
%   nlin(ik) = A(ik,:) * A(ik,:)';
% end
% for cont = 1:NITER
%   for jj = 1:M  
%    ik = M -jj+1;
%        x = x - (A(ik,:) * x - b(ik))/nlin(ik) * A(ik,:)';
%    end
% end
%%%%% End Pas 2 Algoritm - K-A %%%%%

Where NITER are the number of iterations that I have declared in the beginning of program.

Thank you!


whats your question??

My question is if I am on the right path on this. This is about reconstruction of images.


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