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uncung fgv

how to calculate q1, q2, q3 at same w, from this function

Asked by uncung fgv
on 23 Nov 2012

i have to calculate the value of

(S3-S2)/(S2-S1) =q1



(S6-S5)/(52-S4)= q4

 until qn

from this function below:



a=0.2 ;


S=cell2mat(arrayfun(@(k) 1-exp(-a*x*k.*w),k','un',0))




S1 is S at y ordinate of plot 1

S2 is S at y ordinate of plot 2

S3 is S at y ordinate of plot 3

until S7

at w1, w2, w3, until wn

so my goal:

i want to calculate the q1 until qn at w1 until wn for all plots.

so means :

q1, q2, ... qn at w1

next q1, q2, ... qn at w2

next q1, q2, ... qn at w3

next q1, q2, ... qn at w4

until wn.

so xlabel=w


determination (S3-S2)/(S2-S1)=q1 (example)

and want to find q1, q2, q3,... qn at w1, w2, w3, w4...wn

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by using matlab.



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