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How do I plot a hodograph?

Asked by Russ
on 25 Nov 2012
Latest activity Edited by Ashim
on 22 Oct 2014

I can't seem to find a function in Matlab that allows me to plot a hodograph. Any ideas?

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on 17 Jul 2014

Did you find a solution to plot a hodgraph. I seem to find a solution to plot the points but since i am not a Matlab expert. I cannot find a way to connect the points within the hodograph...I am positing a minimal example here

Ws = 15.*rand(10,1);
Wd = 360.*rand(10,1);
H = (20:20:200)';
Wd = double(Wd);
Ws = double(Ws);
Wd = Wd.*(pi/180);
[WdX, WsY] = pol2cart(Wd, Ws);
polar(WdX, WsY,':b*');

It would be great if you would write the solution you came to. I am unable to think of something to connect the points within the polar plot


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1 Answer

Answer by bym
on 25 Nov 2012






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on 22 Oct 2014

I do have an answer to connect the points here is the simple Hodograph example. However, i am not sure if the wind direction is correctly displayed. I am sure i am doing something wrong there. Any suggestions to make the wind directions correct??

if true
 Ws = [6.4;6.7;7.4;7.4;7.7;7.9;8.5;8.9;9.1;9.5];
Wd = [185;186;183;186;186.5;187;191;192;197;193];
H = [40;52;60;80;100;108;140;160;180;200];
Wd = Wd.*(pi/180);
Ws = Ws;
[U, V] = pol2cart(Wd, Ws);
polar(U, V,'ob');
text(U, V, num2str(H));
%WdXi = flipud((min(WdX):0.1:max(WdX))');
%WsYi = interp1(WdX, WsY, WdXi,'spline' );
%hold on;
%polar(WdXi, WsYi);
t = 1:numel(Ws);
ts = 1:1/numel(Ws):numel(Ws);
xs = pchip(t,U,ts);
ys = pchip(t, V, ts);
hold on;
polar(xs, ys,'r');

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