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huda nawaf

why datestr did not give reasonable output?

Asked by huda nawaf
on 26 Nov 2012

hi, The range of my data is 2005 to Ontober 2007. when I extracted min and max, I got

709277 and 733325 why when use this function datestr(733325)

I will get : 10-Oct-2007

it is ok . and when use


ans =


Thanks in advance



*The data that I used is flixster dataset this dataset is associated with timestamp lately.

I would like to say thing. when you install this dataset , you will find that timestamp in this format ex. 10/10/2007. i.e not integer. But, because this dataset is very huge, I converted the timestamp into integer, then get smaller file in terms of size.

when deal this dataset, I found out the min integer is 709277. befor writing this reply, I came back to original file ,I found out the coresponded date is 07-Dec-1941 as datestr did.

you can be sure if you checked the line with number 7756812. where each line in this dataset has 4 columns.the last column is the date. * thanks

I am not clear: are you saying that there is a date of 07-Dec-1941 in the original file? If so then there is no problem, datestr() is just responding correctly for the data.

If there was no 07-Dec-1941 in the original file, then we will need to know how you converted the dates.

Yes the datestr is working correctly. I were thinking there is somthing error, because it is supposed that earliest time in this dataset in 2005. Now, I'm sure there is error in published data.




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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 26 Nov 2012

The answer 07-Dec-1941 is not only reasonable, but also correct. It is 24048 days before the 10-Oct-2007, as the serial date format implies.


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