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Simulink: combine real and complex signals

Asked by Steven Huang

Steven Huang (view profile)

on 26 Nov 2012

I want to combine real and complex signals into a vector (or bus). But neither the Selector nor BusCreator was able to combine these data types into a vector. I would like to know why and if there are blocks to do that before I use real-imag to complex block.




Jon (view profile)

on 4 Dec 2012

I would like to second this question.


TAB (view profile)

on 5 Dec 2012

It is possible to combine the Real & Imaginary signal into a Bus Signal using Bus creator.

Can you please describe your case, what & how you are doing your implementation.


Jon (view profile)

on 5 Dec 2012

I was unable to re-create the issue in a small scale model. There appears to be a bug in Simulink's algorithm for resolving signal complexity.

I eventually got my model working by fixing what one of my co-workers described as a 'straight pass through'. In this case, I had unbussed my real and complex signals, and did not modify the real signal before re-bussing. For some reason this messed up Simulink's ability ot parse the signal complexity. To fix this issue, I placed a signal conversion block (set to contiguous copy) on the unmodified line before re-bussing. Problem solved, even though no substantive changes had been made to the model.

Steven Huang

Steven Huang (view profile)


1 Answer

Answer by Babak

Babak (view profile)

on 5 Dec 2012

In Simulink there are blocks that handle complex numbers.

Open the Simulink Library browser and in the search box on the top toolbar, search for complex, you will see those blocks.



Babak (view profile)

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