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Josh Bridges

How do I extract columns from a matrix using a loop?

Asked by Josh Bridges
on 27 Nov 2012


I have a 15x2 matrix that looks like this:

1500 0

220 80

220 75

220 70

220 65

275 70

275 75

275 80

285 80

285 75

300 80

300 70

300 60

220 30

300 40

From this matrix, I have to separate the two columns into different variable in column vector form, but I don't need the first row(this is another task I was able to do) and I MUST use a loop per the instructions.

So far, I have:

for l = 1:d

    if datain(l)>100 
        if datain(l)<=300
        PH1(m) = datain(l);
        PH = PH1';
        m = m + 1;


m = m - 1;

for k = datain

    LA = k(2:15,1);


Technically, this works, somewhat, but I don't think it's what the professor is looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Please learn how to format code in the forum. Currently the code looks ugly.


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2 Answers

Answer by bym
on 27 Nov 2012
Edited by bym
on 27 Nov 2012

for k = 2:length(matrix)
var1(k-1) = matrix(k,1);
var2(k-1) = matrix(k,2);
end   % 


Answer by Jan Simon
on 28 Nov 2012

This runs, but does not do what you expect:

for k = datain
   LA = k(2:15,1);

For each element of datain the variable LA is overwritten by the vektor k(2:15,1). Therefore the FOR loop can be omitted.

What is d in your code?

Why do you assume, that the professor wants something else?


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