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The legend show different sign

Asked by K
on 29 Nov 2012

Hello, I try to plot my graph and also do the legend. However, the legend show a different type of symbol. The example of my code is as below. However when I run my simulation, both current and voltage have symbol ro.

figure(1) hold on

for ii=1:N voltage... resistance.. .. xx(ii) = ii; plot(ii,voltage, 'ro'); end

plot(xx,current, 'rx'); legend('voltage','current',2);




1 Answer

Answer by Arthur
on 29 Nov 2012
 Accepted answer

This is because you are plotting data in a loop, and will make N plots with symbol 'ro'. Therefore, also the first N entries in the legend will have 'ro'.

You can fix this by collecting all voltage data in one array, and create a single plot. If that is not possible due to the structure of the data, you can set the handleVisibility to 'off' for all voltage plots with ii > 1. This means they will be skipped in the legend.


on 29 Nov 2012

How can I set the handleVisibility to off?

on 29 Nov 2012

Thanks guys for your reply. I use this code plot(ii,voltage, 'ro', ''HandleVisibility', 'off');

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