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Chinmay Date

Neural Network to predict temperature profile

Asked by Chinmay Date
on 30 Nov 2012


i'm trying to train a nn with following training data

Pos  fan speed   power  temp
1     60           5     31
1     100         5       41

the positions go from 1-120

for each i have diff temperature reading for 5,10,15...35 kw power and 60,100,120 fan speed.

so my inputs are position, fan speed, power

output is temperature

I have around 2500 data rows for training.

will this train my network as a function of the position?



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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 30 Nov 2012
 Accepted answer

You will not be able to give the NN just position and have it output temperature or some kind of temperature profile. You should, though, be able to input position, fan-speed, and power, and have it predict the temperature.


Thank you so much. firstly, I do not expect a temperature output until i give all the 3 inputs. i was trying to use the neural network toolbox on matlab and since i'm new to neural networks. I cant get the inputs and targets? how do i create datasets? for inputs and targets?

The targets are the temperatures. The inputs are the other columns.

okay. i have been able to train the network using inputs and targets and the nn fitting tool. after the training i have created a test where i give 3 inputs but there is no output.. am i using the wrong toolbox? should i use patter recognition or anything else?

Answer by Greg Heath
on 2 Dec 2012

The NNTBX default technique for regression using FITNET or FEEDFORWARDNET, is to use 70% of the data for estimating weights, 15% of the data for validation stopping during training and the remaining nontraining data for obtaining an unbiased estimate of performance.

It's hard to say what you did wrong without more details. Can you post the commands?


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