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I want to change the size of a vector's components relative to each other, to a specific number. Help?

Asked by Joshua
on 4 Dec 2012

Okay, so I have written a code that determines the elements of a matrix according to an equation for each of them.

The range of the elements should be between 0 and 31, but the program is not very stable and breaks down at really low numbers for a certain variable. When the variable in question is between 1 and 10, the variable gives me answers that range from -90 to 10. (And no I can't change the variable in any way, it is a given.)

I need to make the minimum number 0 and the maximum number 31, and all the elements of the matrix should be scaled according to that.

For example: if it gives me the matrix [2 -90 10 0 -2 -35] (he max is 10 and the min is -90), I need it to give me a 1X6 matrix that 10=31 and -90=0 and all the other elements range between those numbers relative to each other.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to go about this?


1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 4 Dec 2012
 Accepted answer

mindata = min(YourData(:));
maxdata = max(Yourdata(:));
mappeddata = (YourData - mindata) ./ (maxdata - mindata) * 31;

  1 Comment

on 4 Dec 2012

Thank you! That worked beautifully

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