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Matlab R2012b Installation on Windows 8 Pro 64bit

Asked by Venkatessh
on 4 Dec 2012
Latest activity Commented on by Wanxun Liu
on 12 Apr 2016


I tried to install Matlab R2012b on my new laptop with Windows 8 Pro 64bit. The steps I took were to mount the iso disk image and then run the setup.exe

As soon as I execute the application, the VC++ 2005 Redistributable shows up and executes something after which nothing happens.

I would like to know if I am missing something as part of the installation or I am doing something wrong. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a new laptop with no installation of JDK etc.

I would be glad if someone could assist me.




on 18 Dec 2012


I have exactly the same problem that you described here, but I do not understand how do you fixed it. Could you make me a wider explanation? Sorry for the inconvenience

Best Regards,


on 28 Jan 2013

I'm having the same problem, but running the application listed below does not fix the problem. It merely says the VC++ 2008 redistributable has been fixed and nothing else. Upon running the installer again, it still will not work.


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4 Answers

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 4 Dec 2012
 Accepted answer

Our installation team can :)


@Jacob are you trying to install the 32-bit student version on 64-bit windows?

on 28 Jan 2013

No. I am trying to install the 64 bit MATLAB 2012b on 64 bit windows 8.

HI, If u want to install 2012b in windows 8.1 , first uninstall visual studio versions 8 and less than 8, then try to run matlab 2012 setup file. From that it will be normal installation.

Answer by Francesco
on 1 Feb 2013

Same issue, I have fixed it by uninstalling vc++ redistributable 2005, rebooting and running setup again. Note: I had also VC++ 2010, which I did not uninstall.



Thanks Andrew Hen

on 27 Nov 2013

I have the same problem,fixed it by uninstalling vc++ 2005 and rebooting. on running bin/win64/setup.exe, it opens matlab and closes immediately showing "exception calling main" help me please

Good, many thanks!

Answer by jerry
on 20 Feb 2013

I have the same problem, every time I tried to install the VC++ 2005. it's disappear,and nothing happened, once I run the Bin/Win64/setup, there is Matlab window came out, then it's missing and disappeared, I did not know why.

Can anyone help me to solve it? my New CPU is Windows 8,system is 64bit, and it's brand new without any software installed before I tried MATLAB.

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I can tell what I did to get over this problem. I simply tried to run the windows update which seemingly had VC++ 2005/2008 updates at that time. After doing that, there was no problem with the installation.

Hope it helps!

Answer by Paul
on 12 Oct 2013

FYI: I had similar issues installing r2013b on a windows 8 PC. The Visual C++ redistributable installer would run and then poof..nothing. Going into windows update showed the PC wanted to do a restart, so I restarted. After logging in I ran the setup in the bin/win32 folder and the Visual C++ 2008 installer ran and then the MATLAB installer opened up automatically and ran fine.

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on 11 Jun 2014

I've got exactly the same problem. MATLAB run's fine now, but the VC2005 runtime required seems to have stuffed up powerpoint. Arghhh! Help!

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