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Calculating perimeter of regions in binary image using matlab

Asked by Safaa
on 5 Dec 2012

Hi all:

I am trying to calculate perimeter of regions in binary image using matlab. I am using the following code:

perimeter_stats = regionprops(binary_image,'Perimeter');

allPerimeter= [perimeter_stats.Perimeter];

The problem is in the results. The image contains large regions but the calculated perimeter is small (e.g. 3.2092). Can anyone help me in getting the right values of perimeter?




1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 5 Dec 2012
 Accepted answer

Well you did something wrong. I doubt that the mean of allPerimeter is 3.2092 pixels. Why don't you list what allPerimeter is so I can see it. I would think that the minimum a perimeter could be is 1 pixel, but it's typically in the hundreds or thousands, not 3 unless your binary image is just a single dot.


Image Analyst
on 7 Dec 2012

Did you notice the 1.0e003 in there? You multiply that by the numbers. This is not related to regionprops - that is how all of MATLAB works. So the actual perimeters are [3209.2, 802.9, 992.9, 189.5, etc. These are quite reasonable numbers. There is no problem at all.

on 8 Dec 2012

Many thanks for your clarification

Image Analyst
on 9 Dec 2012

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