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How to get the print(paper) of a txt file using matlab command?

Asked by jerin
on 8 Dec 2012

I am developing a smart scale system which detects the object(fruits), measures its weight and calculates the price. I am writing these details to a text file. I want to take the printout of these details either from the text file or directly(with out making the text file) with HP laserjet 1015 printer.



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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 8 Dec 2012


system('copy YourFileNameHere.txt lpt1:')

This will probably not work directly if the printer is a networked printer rather a local printer.


Answer by Jan Simon
on 8 Dec 2012

You can create a HTML page by adding the small header and footer. Then FEX: Print with Internet Explorer helps to send the contents to the printer. Even a nice(r) formatting is possible.


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