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Hamid MF

How can I set low-pass filter ( frequency range ) for an image ?

Asked by Hamid MF
on 8 Dec 2012

Hi guys

  • How can I design low-pass filter ( frequency range ) for an image with this option ?
  • Item one
  • my image class is uint8 ( for example 256*256 ) I have to implement function to get frequency from user and the function should be ignoring frequency that bigger than the frequency something like that ignrImFreq(im,Freq) this function must be ignore the image frequency bigger than Freq
  • Are there any function to doing this?
  • if there is one would you explain the parameters ... thx all of you



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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 8 Dec 2012

There is no function for it.

There is more than one way you can handle this. One way is to fft2() the image, zero the frequency components that are above the given frequency, ifft2() back. You will also want to convert the output back to uint8() afterwards.


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