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How can i ressolve the error which is come during building subsystem in simulink during PIL testing?

Asked by ramesh Karande on 11 Dec 2012

Hello, i doing Processor in the loop Tesing (PIL), but at the time of building the subsystem, i got an error as "Undefined function 'mkCodeGenDir' for input arguments of type 'RTW.BuildInfo'". Can anyone suggest me solution for this? I'm using Matlab 2012b.


ramesh Karande on 11 Dec 2012

Hello Sir, Code generation pane is exist. i also set System Target File to ert.tlc. but after doing all this, error is there. Suggest solution on it. error is " Undefined function 'mkCodeGenDir' for input arguments of type 'RTW.BuildInfo'"

ramesh Karande on 12 Dec 2012

Does anyone have any ideas?

ramesh Karande on 13 Dec 2012

hello, can anyone give me suggestion on this problem?

0 Answers

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