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"Setup has stopped working"

Asked by Alex
on 12 Dec 2012

I cant install matlab 2012a. I receive "Setup has stopped working" when I click setup.exe. I have an ISO from my school. I am on Win7 64bit, 20 GB of HD free. I have tried mounting to DVDrom and extracting ISO. My Temp location in my enviromental variables is ok and there is plenty of space there.

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Jan Simon
on 12 Dec 2012

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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 12 Dec 2012

I guess that the ISO file is damaged. I do not understand what "I have tried mounting to DVDrom and extracting ISO" means, but perhaps this procedure is not appropriate.

But, as you, I do not know the reasons also, and I'm convinced that nobody can make an educated guess based on the provided information. Therefore I suggest:

  1. Get a new ISO-file and compare its checksum.
  2. Burn it to a DVD or mount it appropriately.
  3. Run the installation again.
  4. Admin privilegs might be required.
  5. If this fails, ask the administrator who has provided the ISO image. Most likely it is his job to maintain the installation.
  6. If this fails also, let the admin contact the technical support.


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