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Getting an array with data

Asked by Hello kity on 12 Dec 2012


I have a question regarding getting data from an array

I have one array of data. lets say (array 1):

Index Speed # 1 5 # 2 9 # 3 4 # 4 5

(index 1 has value 5 , index 2 has value 9 etc)

I made another array (array= indexdata) which contain the indexnumbers of the values which are interested for me ( lets say i only want to look at index number two which has the value 2).

So how can i program that matlab makes a new array of the values of the first arrays, whose indeces are listed in the second array,

it sounds complicated but what i want is easy :)



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2 Answers

Answer by Vishal Rane
on 12 Dec 2012
 Accepted answer

So ,

array1 = [ 5 9 4 5]      % original array
array2 = [ 2 4 ]         % array of indices
array3 = array1(array2)  % elements from array1 as per indices listed in array 2


hmm i know it was easy

back to basics :)

thank you

on 12 Dec 2012

Please accept an answer if it helped you.

Answer by Hello kity on 12 Dec 2012

Answer of Vishal was sufficient. But thanks.

But i have a similar question..

assume there is a set of data/rows with NaN's in between them seperating.

i now have the begin and end indexes of each set of data.

for example indices 1 -7 then 2 nans , 9-15 , 2 nans ,18-24 etc.

i have 3 arrays, 1st array set of data, 2nd array indices with begin of row/data, 3rd array end of set of data.

so if continue on example, 2nd array 1 , 9 , 18 and 3rd array 7 , 15 ,24 now all i want is the values between 1 - 7 and 9 -15 and 18-24

hope its clear

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