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Which simulink block will take feedthrough value as input

Asked by Arun Badigannavar on 13 Dec 2012

I don have idea which blok will initiall take a value from workspace and in the next iteration it has to take value as input from simulation outpiut?




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1 Answer

Answer by TAB

TAB (view profile)

on 13 Dec 2012

There are many such blocks, for example Unit Delay block which has Initial value field which can be a constant value or a workspace variable. It takes this value in 1st iteration, after that it take input value.

Which type of block you are looking for ?



TAB (view profile)

on 13 Dec 2012

I just tried roughly. Output of unit delay not set to initial value when I pause and resume the simulation.

Arun Badigannavar on 14 Dec 2012

@TAB I don know then my logic may giving it to start from initial


TAB (view profile)

on 14 Dec 2012

Can you attach the snapshot of your logic here ? It is hard to guess what you are doing wrong without seeing code/model.


TAB (view profile)

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