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Deployment of a standalone figure editor possible?

Asked by Andreas
on 13 Dec 2012

Is it possible to create / deploy a standalone matlab figure EDITOR? If I use the deploytool with this simple m-file

[in_name, in_path] = uigetfile('*.fig', 'Select MATLAB figure');
if in_name == 0
    h = openfig([in_path in_name], 'new')

I get a standalone figure VIEWER which works great.

However if I add this line at the end

showplottool(h, 'propertyeditor')

the created EXE file opens the figure, and then crashes with a "pure virtual function call".

Can anyone please help? Thanks!



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1 Answer

Answer by Jing
on 13 Dec 2012

This is because there's limitation and restriction to deploy program in MATLAB, one of which is those functions calling 'Tools that allow run-time manipulation of figures'. So 'showplottool' is not a supported function. You can find the limitation and restrictions of deployment in help document.


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