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Improper assignment with rectangular empty matrix., how to solve ?

Asked by mounim
on 14 Dec 2012

hey everyone

please i am getting this error :

Improper assignment with rectangular empty matrix on this line :

midpoints1(k) = (leftEdge1 + rightEdge1)/2;

how can i solve that ? any help is appreciated, thanks

for k=700:800
   oneRow1 = binaryImage(k, :);
   leftEdge1 = find(oneRow1, 1, 'first');
   rightEdge1 = find(oneRow1, 1, 'last');
   hold on;
   midpoints1(k) = (leftEdge1 + rightEdge1)/2;
   plot(leftEdge1, k, 'rx','LineWidth',2);
   plot(rightEdge1, k, 'rx','LineWidth',2);
   plot(midpoints1(k), k, 'yx','LineWidth',2);
new_x1 = linspace(500, 900);
coeffs1 = polyfit(X1, midpoints1, 1);
new_y1 = polyval(coeffs1, new_x1);
plot(new_y1,new_x1, '-','LineWidth',2);


well, the most appopriate is just to ignore that row, and go on.

Read the documentation for isempty()

What value do you want stored in midpoints1(k) in this situation?

it have to just store a zero ( a black pixel ), i tried this code, but it is not working 100% still gives me errors:

if isempty(midpoints1(k)) then
    midpoints1(k)== 0;

this one not working neither

if isempty(midpoints1(k)) then
    midpoints1(k)= zeros(size(midpoints1(k)));


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 14 Dec 2012
 Accepted answer

In some rows, there are no 1's. When that happens, the results of find() are empty. You are trying to store the midpoint of that empty range into midpoints1(k), which requires a location which is a 1x1 value not a 0 x 0 value.

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if isempty(leftEdge1)
  midpoint1(k) = 0;
  midpoints1(k) = (leftEdge1 + rightEdge1)/2;
  %and do the plotting here

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