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Extracting information from output

Asked by Lalit Patil on 20 Dec 2012

I am using

         info = imfinfo('Image2.png')

command for getting information about image..

and it gives following result..

               Filename: 'Image2.png'
               FileModDate: '14-Dec-2012 11:38:55'
                  FileSize: 180952
                    Format: 'png'
             FormatVersion: []
                     Width: 752
                    Height: 480
                  BitDepth: 8
                 ColorType: 'grayscale'
           FormatSignature: [137 80 78 71 13 10 26 10]

Now i want to extract only sixth and seventh line from it..

So, how to do..?



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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 20 Dec 2012
 Accepted answer

info.Width and info.Height will have the values you are looking for.


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