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Enter in XTickLabel , how to?

Asked by Hello kity on 20 Dec 2012

I am editting a graph. I was giving names to each bar with xticklabel. But the way it creates isnt looking nice.

 set(gca,'XTickLabel',{['bar1' num2str(DATA)]})

this creates below the bar,

 bar1 DATA

what i want is

  • bar1
  • DATA (enter in between)

so how to do this?



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2 Answers

Answer by Jan Simon
on 20 Dec 2012

set(gca,'XTickLabel', ['bar1', char(10), num2str(DATA)])

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char(10) creates a square next to 'bar1'. it doesnt enter...

Answer by Hello kity on 21 Dec 2012

char(10) didnt do the job, does anyone else know how you can make matlab use a second line in the x-axis?


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