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Why this not works..?

Asked by Lalit Patil on 21 Dec 2012
n = 10;
for p = 1:n
function [] = lal(p)




This method doesn't work.. Why..?



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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 21 Dec 2012
 Accepted answer

What does not work about it? What error message is given?

One thing I notice is that in the code you show, if that is the entire code, then you are attempting to define a function inside a script. You need to convert the first part to a function. For example,

function testloop
  n = 10;
  for p = 1 : n
function [] = lal(p)


Walter Roberson
on 21 Dec 2012

What happened when you tried?

Lalit Patil on 21 Dec 2012
 d = dir('.');
 n = length(d)-2;
 for imageNumber = 1:n

It works now..

Problem get solved..

Image Analyst
on 21 Dec 2012

Then officially mark it as solved. Looks just like what Walter said except that the function name is different.

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