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How to count the amount of cells?

Asked by Hello kity on 21 Dec 2012


I have a cell array, 1x 90. eacht of them has diff set of data,

for example, 1x1 has 10 cells , 1x2 5 cell etcs.

i want to count to count the amount of cells

numel(cellarrayname) gives 90... thats not what i want.

it should count every cell array add cellarray 2 +cell aray 3 etc..



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2 Answers

Answer by José-Luis
on 21 Dec 2012
 Accepted answer

 your_count = cellfun(@(x) numel(x),your_cell_array);




thank you

on 21 Dec 2012

My pleasure

Answer by Wayne King
on 21 Dec 2012
Edited by Wayne King
on 21 Dec 2012

You want to count how many cells are in each element of the cell array?

     x = cell(3,1);
     x{1} = cell(2,1); x{2} = cell(25,1); x{3} = cell(30,1);  
     out = cellfun(@numel,x,'uni',0);
     numberofelements = sum(cell2mat(out));

In the above, cellfun() gives you cell array with each cell containing the number of elements in each cell of your original cell array.

cell2mat() turns that cell array into a vector, so now you have a vector where each elements gives the number of each elements in the cell arrays of your original cell array.

Finally, I just sum the elements of the vector to get the total number of elements.


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