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How to: For loops for Excel Tab

Asked by Hello kity on 24 Dec 2012

I need to read some data out of couple excel tabs (1 file). The only thing that changes is the tabname. The code works, but it becomes too long if you going to read 6 tabs, so i want it in a for loop then varie the tabname. What i want saved of each tab is: the num(2,13) (second line in code) and sum (last line). How can I do this easiest way?

[num, txt]=xlsread(filename,'*Tabname*');
long code




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4 Answers

Answer by Laura Proctor
on 24 Dec 2012
 Accepted answer

If you know the names of your sheets, you can create a cell array containing those names. The output from the xlsread function will contain only the numeric data from the spreadsheet, and it is read into a cell in the variable data. I also created a variable named sums that contains the sum of all the data.

filename = 'Book1.xlsx';
sheetnames = { 'SheetA','SheetB','SheetC' };
n = length(sheetnames);
data = cell(n,1);
sums = zeros(n,1);
for idx = 1:n
    data{idx} = xlsread(filename,sheetnames{idx});   
    sums(idx) = sum(data{idx}(:));


Answer by Laura Proctor
on 24 Dec 2012

I'm not sure exactly what you are asking with regard to num(2,13). But here is some code that will read in different tabs of an Excel file in a loop and can hopefully get you started.

filename = 'Book1.xlsx';
data = cell(3,1);
for idx = 1:3
    sheetname = ['Sheet',num2str(idx)];
    data{idx} = xlsread(filename,sheetname);    


Answer by Hello kity on 24 Dec 2012

I want 2 data as output from every sheet. the value in that num and the sum.

your code is for sheets1,2,3,4, my sheets are not numbered, just random names.

how can i define the sheetnames and let them use in the forloop?


Answer by Hello kity on 24 Dec 2012

This worked for me. Really useful information.

thank you

I have another question, see my profile,

it is about putting an enter in the x-axes (xtick), for example i have this below the first bar (in a bar graph)

Bar1 5/110 , but i want bar1 enter ('second line') 5/110


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