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entropy encoding for images

Asked by FIR
on 24 Dec 2012

is there any source codes available for entropy encoding for images, please help


What difficulty are you having with the code version of it that you wrote?

on 25 Dec 2012

I am using 2010a version

code is

 [dict,avglen] = huffmandict(symbols,p) 
 comp = huffmanenco(img,dict);

but taking long time to run and crashes out


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2 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 24 Dec 2012


on 25 Dec 2012

is there any codes available for shanon fano encoding

what does


show? And also

sum(count <= 0)


on 25 Dec 2012


ans =


>> sum(count <= 0)

ans =


Answer by Walter Roberson
on 25 Dec 2012
Edited by Walter Roberson
on 25 Dec 2012

If x is a numeric array, TABLE is a numeric matrix. If the elements of x are nonnegative integers, TABLE includes 0 counts for integers between 1 and max(x) that do not appear in x.

But you already read the documentation so you already knew that, so somehow you must have gotten some negative counts. What does

count(counts <= 0)

show, and what does class(count) show?


on 25 Dec 2012

No walter i could not findout,so walter is there any codes for shanon fanon

on 25 Dec 2012
after deleting zeros i get error 
Error using ==> arithenco at 36
The symbol sequence parameter can take values only between 1 and the length of the
symbol counts parameter.
Error in ==> sample6 at 79

Sorry, Google doesn't seem to be accessible to me tonight. Perhaps you could try it from your end?

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