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voice to text conversion

Asked by PK
on 28 Dec 2012
Latest activity Commented on by Image Analyst
about 1 hour ago

can some one help in finding some code or reference to make a speech to text conversion in MATLAB.



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2 Answers

Answer by Mark Whirdy
on 28 Dec 2012
Edited by Mark Whirdy
on 28 Dec 2012


Answer by enayat zhakfar
about 5 hours ago

what is wrong with this number of line code in matlab function ob=bluetooth_voice clc; disp('Searching Bluetooth Devices'); r=instrhwinfo('bluetooth'); rn=r.RemoteNames; [s,v] = listdlg('PromptString','Select a device:',... 'SelectionMode','single',... 'ListString',rn); if(v) sd=cell2mat(rn(s)); b=instrhwinfo('bluetooth',sd); ob=eval(cell2mat(b.ObjectConstructorName)); ob.Terminator='#' ; end end

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Image Analyst
about 1 hour ago

It could be any number of things, like you don't have a function defined or whatever, but you forgot to tell us the error message.

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