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vipul utsav

that actual snr is

Asked by vipul utsav
on 29 Dec 2012

one person say me that actual snr is,,,

if noiseImage=noisyImage-originalImage then actual snr=mean(originalImage./abs(noiseImage)) so my question is that "Is snr depends on mean and variance of noiseImage"?




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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 29 Dec 2012

Yes. More noise = lower SNR, and less noise = higher SNR.


Walter Roberson
on 29 Dec 2012

Considering that the mean is being taken, does the variance of noiseImage affect the SNR? I don't see how: I just see how the mean affects the SNR.

Image Analyst
on 29 Dec 2012

Because the absolute value of the noise image is being taken, the std dev affects the mean. You could have a mean of zero in the original noise, but once you take the abs(), now the mean depends on the std dev. So the SNR of an image with noise = 0 +/- 5 gray levels will be higher than the SNR of the same image with a noise of 0 +/- 200 gray levels.

Walter Roberson
on 29 Dec 2012

Good point.

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