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How to use variables of one function into another functions in GUI?

Asked by BHARAT
on 29 Dec 2012

I am a newbie to GUI. I want to create a GUI in which with the help of data entered by user, I will make some initial calculations. Now, I want to use that calculation for other pushbuttons and popupmenu etc.. Please tell me method to do this. With regards Bharat Garg




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Answer by Image Analyst
on 29 Dec 2012
 Accepted answer


on 29 Dec 2012

Sir links provided by you are valuable. However I couldn't succeed in implementing it. Actually what I want to do is: Take 2 numbers "a" and "b" from user. Then make initial calculations as c=a+b and d=a*b and e= a/b. Now there is one listbox on layout where on clicking a particular option from listbox answer is shown on basis of initial calculations.(ex. options on list are 1) show c 2) show e 3) show d*e)

Please make a small GUI and give me its .m file. Please help me. I am struck here for past 10 days. It will be very helpful.

Jan Simon
on 29 Dec 2012

A forum can only assist you to solve the problem by your own. When you want somebody to create the program for you, hire a programmer.

Therefore I suggest to try it, and post a specific question about the occurring problem. Then you will most likely get help here, to solve the single problems step by step.

Image Analyst
on 29 Dec 2012

You're kidding me - 10 days? Here's a snippet that may help you:

% Ask user for a number.
defaultValue = 45;
titleBar = 'Enter a value';
userPrompt = 'Enter the integer';
caUserInput = inputdlg(userPrompt, titleBar, 1, {num2str(defaultValue)});
if isempty(caUserInput),return,end; % Bail out if they clicked Cancel.
integerValue = round(str2double(cell2mat(caUserInput)));
% Check for a valid integer.
if isnan(integerValue)
    % They didn't enter a number.  
    % They clicked Cancel, or entered a character, symbols, or something else not allowed.
    integerValue = defaultValue;
    message = sprintf('I said it had to be an integer.\nI will use %d and continue.', integerValue);

Here's another link that may help: MAGIC

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