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code error in TI F28034 and F28035

Asked by alexsander
on 29 Dec 2012

TI F28035 EPWM1 Interrupt failed.

When ADC output have ralationship with the EPWM, FLASH Load succeed. However the code cannot jump out interrupt. There is no problem in RAM. The phenomenon only appeared in FLASH. I have changed the CMD.file to TI source code. there is no error when loading the code to chip.I still cann't find the way to solve this problem.

My model Structure is the same as ADC-PWM model of F2812 DEMO(EPWM1 enables interrupt).

When delete DELAY_US(ADC_usDELAY) in DSP2803x_Adc.c,CMPA register in EPWM can update,but ADC register worked uncorrectly.

error potision in CCS 3.3:

interrupt void ILLEGAL_ISR(void)   // Illegal operation TRAP
  // Insert ISR Code here
    // Next two lines for debug only to halt the processor here
    // Remove after inserting ISR Code
    asm("          ESTOP0");


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