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Jim Hokanson

How to Restore Focus to Matlab after another process steals it

Asked by Jim Hokanson
on 1 Jan 2013

I am launching a java process which unfortunately steals the focus away from Matlab. When typing in the command window this is really annoying. I've created some code which hides the launched process window, but I was wondering how I could pragmatically return focus to Matlab. Ideally there would be a single function which would restore focus to the last item with focus in Matlab but I am guessing this functionality doesn't exist. I have a working hack (see my answer) but I'd be interested in others solutions that are a bit more generic or that don't rely on undocumented features.

Thanks, Jim



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1 Answer

Answer by Jim Hokanson
on 1 Jan 2013
 Accepted answer

Here's my solution, which only restores focus to the command window. Restoring focus to the command window is easy, the tricky part is knowing whether or not the focus belongs there.

%Step 1 - get focus status
cw = com.mathworks.mde.desk.MLDesktop.getInstance.getClient('Command Window');
cw_has_focus  = cw.hasFocus;
%Step 2 - launch process with focus stealer
%Step 3
if cw_has_focus

Some things that got me on track:


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