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how to print the values of each bar on top of it; multibar and subplots

Asked by David
on 3 Jan 2013

Hello, I'm desperately searching an easy way to print my values on my bars. At the moment I have this: Sorry for the bad quality. As you perhaps can see I have characters only under every bar or additionally in or over every bar. I only want the values once per diagramm and I think the most eye appealing solution would be right on top of every bar.

I used the code from here:

Unfortunately I don't understand this code, so I don't know whats going wrong here and cant correct it.

This is the code:

    % code
% the data
          4 8 9 7 4
          8 7 5 5 8
          2 7 1 4 9
          'ab' 'bc' 'ef' 'ww' 'qq'
          'q' 'd' 'c' 'w' 'r'
          'w' 'i' 'yr' 'w' 'r'
% the engine



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3 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 4 Jan 2013
 Accepted answer

Replace the last line:


with these two lines:

yValues = d' + 0.5;
text(xd, yValues(:),lab.','horizontalalignment','center');


Answer by Teja Muppirala
on 4 Jan 2013

Would something like this work?

Data1 = [1 2 0 3 4];
Data2 = [2 3 4 5 5];
hb = bar([Data1;Data2]);
% Find the x location of each bar  
xvals = unique(cell2mat(get(findall(hb,'type','patch'),'xdata')));
xvals = mean(reshape(xvals,2,[]));
% Put the text there
text(xvals,[Data1 Data2],mat2cell([Data1 Data2]),...
ylim([0 6])

  1 Comment

on 4 Jan 2013

nicely done. Also a very good answer. Can you tell me how I can use a matrix as input instead of arrays?

Answer by Hello kity on 3 Jan 2013
Edited by Hello kity on 3 Jan 2013

I was doing the same, found this for you:

   x = [1 2 0 3 4];
  xname = {'Foo','Bar','','Baz','Othername'};

in case you use more variable in one bar then do following

for example

xname = {'Data1', 'Data2'};
bar(1, Data1, 'r')
hold on
bar(2, Data2, 'g')
  text(1:2,[Data1 Data2], etc)

  1 Comment

on 4 Jan 2013

Thank You!!! Can I use the second solution when I have a second variable?

I used:

Data1 = [1 2 0 3 4]

Data2 = [2 3 4 5 5]

But it tells me:

Error using bar (line 55)

X must be same length as Y.

But I have for one X multiple Y and I have multiple Xs.

If I use your solution I will have:

 y y y y y y y y y y 

I need:

 y y y y y   y y y y y 
    x1           x2

So perhaps can I do this if I use your solution and only let with Text the x1 and x2 label appear once:

   y y y y y y y y y y 
      x1          x2

But how can I have the white space between the bars:

 y y y y y   y y y y y 
    x1           x2

I believe the step from Excel to Matlab was not my best decision.

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