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How to give control to GUI while GUI is executing simulink model in a for loop

Asked by Arun Badigannavar on 4 Jan 2013

,And wen i press start button i have given a control to execute the simulink model for 1000 seconds in real time,,now i want to stop my simulation started after 20 seconds,,,but i don ave control to my gui until m simulink model finishes




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Answer by Kaustubha Govind
on 4 Jan 2013

Perhaps you can create a Pause block in your model?

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I dont want to pause my simulink model,,any other way?

Answer by Anthony Poulin
on 7 Jan 2013


I don't really understand what you want to do but you can strat, stop or pause your model excution with this command lines.

    set_param('modelname', 'SimulationCommand','start');
    set_param('modelname', 'SimulationCommand','continue');
    set_param('modelname', 'SimulationCommand','pause');
    set_param('modelname', 'SimulationCommand','stop');

If you to stop the model after 20s of simulution you can use get_param('modelname', 'SimulationTime'); Or using the clock for stopping in real time...


Thanks for the response,,but my requirment is like i have to run and stop whenver i want using GUI

Arun: If you want to use GUI callbacks, you should use Poulin's suggested commands in those callbacks.

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