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How do I plot a function that consists of a variable depending on x?

Asked by Flávio
on 5 Jan 2013

For example, after some calculations to solve my problem, I get y=x^3.

How do I plot that function? I tried to do fplot(@(x) y, limits) but it doesn't work...any solution?



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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 5 Jan 2013

ezplot('x^3', limits)


ezplot(@(x) x.^3, limits)


x = linspace(LowerLimit, UpperLimit, NumberofPoints);
plot(x, x.^3)

Or more generally if you have a symbolic variable y that contains the expression,

f = matlabFunction(y, 'x');

and then

ezplot(f, limits)


x = linspace(LowerLimit, UpperLimit, NumberofPoints);
plot(x, f(x))


Thank you man! It was the matlabFunction that I needed!

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Answer by Jing
on 5 Jan 2013
Edited by Jing
on 5 Jan 2013

Hi, It should be like this:

y=@(x) x^3; fplot(y,[-10,10]);
fplot(@(x) x^3,[-10,10])

You need to define the function handle.

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Thank you;)

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