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how to get enhanced segmented image

Asked by Elysi Cochin on 5 Jan 2013

i used roipolyold to select the region i want.... now when i use the below code i get the segmented image and the unwanted image in blue color.... can i change the blue color to black so that i get the perfect segmented output....

    ROI = ROIPOLYOLD(inputImage);
    binaryImage = ROI;
    structBoundaries = bwboundaries(binaryImage);
    x = xy(:, 2); 
    y = xy(:, 1); 
    outerImage = inputImage;
    outerImage(~binaryImage) = 0;
    leftColumn = min(x);
    rightColumn = max(x);
    topLine = min(y);
    bottomLine = max(y);
    width = rightColumn - leftColumn + 1;
    height = bottomLine - topLine + 1;
    segmentedImage = imcrop(outerImage, [leftColumn, topLine, width, height]);



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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 5 Jan 2013
 Accepted answer

The binary image is sized for one bitplane, so


is going to only affect at most the first bitplane of outerImage. You want to have it affect all the bitplanes.

outerImage(repmat(~binaryImage, [1,1, size(outerImage,3))) = 0;

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