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How To Segment Image By Color In Matlab?

Asked by sadeg on 5 Jan 2013

Hello Guys I'm planning to develop simple application and i need to segment image in to different parts depending on the color

lets say that i have image with 3 shapes in it with different colors i want to divide it into 3 images with different colors for each one




2 Answers

Answer by bym on 5 Jan 2013

1 Comment

Image Analyst on 5 Jan 2013

Another interesting site: Lets you pick a color and gives the name in a bunch of different languages, or lets you type in a color name and see the color patch corresponding to different languages.

Answer by Image Analyst on 5 Jan 2013

I have several different methods of color segmentation in the tutorials in my my File Exchange. You'll want to download and learn from them.


Image Analyst

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