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problem with Takagi-Sugeno

Asked by amir on 6 Jan 2013

Hello everybody, I'm studying the part Takagi-Sugeno.I found a example on internet but when I want to use its in Matlab, I do not succeed.I have trouble entering values ​​in the functions Z, can you help me?


the cyclist on 6 Jan 2013

People will generally be happy to help you here, if you post your code showing what you have tried, and the specific error messages or problem you are having. Be concise and specific in your questions.

amir on 6 Jan 2013

I tried with Fuzzy Logic Toolbox for this exercies.I defined Two-input single and output Sugeno fuzzy for this exercies ,for example :how I have to enter thess equations in fuzzy logic toolbox in following picture? z=-x+y+1, z=x+y+2, z=-y+3,z=-x+3



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