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Loading data from document and isolating numbers.

Asked by ZK
on 9 Jan 2013

Hi, I have to add to creating program a complicated database from other file with united numbers sometimes with no space between them. Which formula should I use to load from random line in data document, and isolate them to other calculations.

Example 1.543 345.1200 1.32399.0099.00 1.3399.00

Thank you.


Yes of course is always the same value 99.00

So expected values are 1.543 345.1200 1.323 99.00 99.00 1.33 99.00

Unless you have some further information about the values of the numbers (e.g., always > 10) or the format (e.g., number of significant digits) you cannot retrieve the original numbers, because you can cut a chunk of digits at any positions other than those just before and after a . that would leave you with this single '.', which is not a number.

Thorsten like I said I have this value. It always looks like there is no space before 99.00


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 9 Jan 2013
 Accepted answer

NumericLine = str2double( regexp( regexprep(TheLine, '99\.0', ' &'), '\s+', 'split') );


Thank You, You were very helpful, I check it. Can I work with this formula when I have whole database loaded with fopen and fscanf with numbers characters and words?

You would need to have scanned the line as a string, so you might as well fgetl() instead of fscanf()

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