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Why is MATLAB not solving for the internal heat generation components of my loop?

Asked by Paul
on 10 Jan 2013

I am trying to model 1D transient heat transfer in the brain, however my code is not solving for the M and Q values below. The code is not returning an error but seems to be simply ignoring the values.

elseif 3 < i < 5
T(i,m+1)    = T(i,m) + k_skull*del_t_skull/(rho_skull*Cp_skull*del_i^2)*(T(i-1,m)-2*T(i,m)+T(i+1,m)) 
+ M_skull*3*exp((T(i,m)- T_art)/10) + Q_skull*3*exp((T(i,m)- T_art)/10)* rho_blood*Cp_blood*(T_art - T(i,m));


del_i = spacing of nodes
del_t_skull =  0.25*del_i^2/alpha_skull;
Where alpha is the thermal diffusvity.

Any help is very much appreciated


You didn't give the code for solving M and Q - you just gave code for determining T. And you mean M_skull, and Q_skull, right? Well, there is nowhere in your code where you determine M_skull and Q_skull. They're just assumed to already have some values when you get to this line where you calculate T.

on 12 Jan 2013

Sorry I am referring to M_skull and Q_skull. M_skull and Q_skull both are reference values (at 310 Kelvin) determined earlier in the code, but the value of M and Q are temperature dependent and I was trying to solve for this in the above code.

For example the M value is determined by the following equation: M = M_skull*3e^((T-T_art)/10)

where T is the temperature of a node at time m and T_art is a constant value for the arterial temperature.


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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 12 Jan 2013

elseif 3 < i < 5

is evaluated as

elseif ((3 < i) < 5)

The (3 < i) part returns true (1) or false (0), both of which are always less than 5, so your elseif would always be considered to be true.

MATLAB does not have a range-test syntax. Use

elseif (3 < i) & (i < 5)


Answer by Roger Stafford
on 12 Jan 2013

Besides the trouble Walter describes, you apparently lack an ellipsis following this line:

 T(i,m+1)= T(i,m)+k_skull*del_t_skull/(rho_skull*Cp_skull*del_i^2)*(T(i-1,m)-2*T(i,m)+T(i+1,m)) ...

The way it is now, the line after this with M_skull and Q_skull won't be included in the calculation. but you will get an unwanted display of the results of this line each time it executes.


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