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does MATLAB identifies rain or water drops?

does MATLAB identifies rain.....


1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 11 Jan 2013

I presume you mean "Can I identify raindrops in my image using MATLAB?" If so, yet, you might be able to depending on what you want to measure. You can't take a snapshot out your window on a rainy day and have it count all the raindrops, but if you have a waxed body panel on a car, then there is a possibility. I can't say much more because you forgot to tell us where you uploaded your image (I know you've done it before, so I know you know should do that).


Thanks Image Analyst. rain drops falling on the wind screen of a car is the input image.. herewith i am sending the link

What are the sources of these images? Why are they so different from each other? If they are different potential imaging methods, can you pick the best one? Why can't you get better images, like work with a professional photographer or machine vision vendor?

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