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Multiple Character MuPad Subscripts?

Asked by Adam

Adam (view profile)

on 11 Jan 2013

I need to format an equation in MuPad with a subscript greater than one character, and I need to do it very often, so it is impractical to use the Symbol::subScript command over and over. The help doc suggests that there are ways to do this using the ^,_,$,{, and } keys, but it doesn't give the syntax for them. I know that the underscore character works for simply one character subscripts, but I need to be able to typeset for example T_hot - T_cold, where the entire words hot and cold are subscripted. Thanks very much in advance for any help



Adam (view profile)

1 Answer

Answer by bym

bym (view profile)

on 12 Jan 2013

try (in MuPad notebook)

t[hot] -t[cold]



bym (view profile)

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