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Permanently register DAQ or other administrator access workaround


I am using a MCC DAQ device and have found that I need to run MATLAB as an administrator and then call 'daqregister' each time which is kind of a pain in the rear end, not to mention impossible if I can't run things as an administrator due to network settings. Is there any work around I could do on the back end of MATLAB to permanently register the device, or at the very least not have to have administrator rights to use?

Thanks, Shaun



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Answer by Shaun VanWeelden on 12 Jan 2013
 Accepted answer

Officially impossible? It is looking like the problem might be more with the daqmex more so than daqregister? Either way, is there really no work around to this?


I would recommend contacting technical support. The people who know about the daq software usually do not visit here on even-numbered Saturdays.

I called them this morning, technical support swears up and down there is no work around to this, but I was wondering if all the daqregister command does is add the dll to the registry, couldn't a user without admin rights still make that change to the registry on the local machine? And if so, couldn't MATLAB call a batch file to automatically do this?

I am not really too familiar with this area, but it seems at least in my head plausible, anything stand out to you Walter that could make this challenging?

My impression has always been that you need admin rights to make any changes to the registry. I never really thought about it seriously, though, as I do not use MS Windows much at all.

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