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rectify error in kmeans

Asked by Elysi Cochin on 12 Jan 2013

i wanted to do kmeans clustering in mammogram image.... i took the datavector of the image and gave as input to kmeans.... when i execute the code error is displayed as...."An empty cluster error occurred in every replicate.".... what should i do to rectify this error....




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2 Answers

Answer by Tom Lane
on 14 Jan 2013
 Accepted answer

The kmeans function has an option 'EmptyAction' that you could try. With this option you can request that, if a cluster becomes empty, the function either accept a smaller number of clusters or create a new one from a point that is relatively far from the others.

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thank u sir....

Answer by Greg Heath
on 13 Jan 2013

Reduce k by 1.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for formally accepting my answer.


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no sir i didnt get it.... still that error....

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