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Ayse Nur

Matlab R2011b mex file compilation error “Unrecognized switch: -argcheck”

Asked by Ayse Nur
on 12 Jan 2013
This question is closed and may reopen in the future if edited.

When i try to compile mex files at matlab r2011b it gives an error as below. How can i fix it?

my system: core i7 - 64bit win7

 You can change your home, image, and results directories if you want ; see startup/definePaths
 Error: compilation of \cimgnbmap_lower.cpp failed :     Usage:
        MEX [option1 ... optionN] sourcefile1 [... sourcefileN]
            [objectfile1 ... objectfileN] [libraryfile1 ... libraryfileN]
 Use the -help option for more information, or consult the MATLAB API Guide.
 C:\PROGRA~1\MATLAB\R2011B\BIN\MEX.PL: Error: Unrecognized switch: -argcheck.
 ....... (same error for other 11 files)
 There were 0 files compiled
 Error: There were 12 erroneous files during compilation
 ans = 
 1x12 struct array with fields:

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Which compiler did you choose when you used

mex -setup


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